Bounce 18 June 2018

Not Just Another Course – Life Changing

Let us be the first to introduce you to The Bounce Program.

Like all good relationships we might start with some vital information.

Who are Bounce Australia?
Trainers, mentors and coaches with a heavy hitting national and international reputation for life changing training.
Based in Victoria and now in a collaboration with ACE Community Colleges as the RTO.

What is it?
Bounce is not just a course, more like a life experience – now that’s worth reading about.
Trainer Prue says this is no black and white academic course – it is about Life, taking control of it, moving in a positive direction and changing perspective/approach for the better with new skills and knowledge.

What are the students learning?
Core foundation skills, by that I mean literacy and numeracy. This really is the basis for many students to gain the confidence they need to connect successfully with workforce opportunities or continue studying.

Everyone learns differently, and so there are lots of interactive activities woven into the program (measurement with mug cakes is a great way to learn). The emphasis is on making learning fun and relatable, not daunting.

End game?
The course gave the students incredible confidence, courage and motivation to get out there and jump over those hurdles. It just made me smile to see the difference 3 weeks can make. Wow.

What else is happening?
Trainer Nicole has also been working with students in the program recently and has this to say.
One of my students has been unemployed for the past 5 years, she has reclaimed her confidence and planning ways to build the business she’s been dreaming of. Starting with talking to her EC about NEIS and looking at the jobs she can do to build experience and make her dream a reality

Another student is a young mum who has now taken stock of her life, re-evaluated relationships – recognising those which help (and those which hinder) and remembered her values. As a result she’s chosen her career path, looking at study options and the jobs that will let her work and study.

Honestly the question is not ‘what can you do for me’ the only question is ‘when is the next course starting and how can I make sure I’m there on the first day’.

Duration: 3 weeks, 4 days a week program

Next course: APPLY now by phoning TEAM ACE on 07 5520 3026

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