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A brilliant career move for up-skillers, school leavers, job seekers, and everyone returning to the workforce after a break. Love what you do!

2022 is the fresh start we have all been looking forward to. If you are thinking it is time to consolidate your career, formalise qualifications or fast track your job readiness then we highly recommend taking a moment to explore your course options.

Gaining your nationally recognised full qualification is going to make a massive difference to your employment prospects.

ACE Community Colleges is offering these in demand qualifications as part of Fresh Start 2022. The other big news is that classroom learning returns to ACE from February. Your learning experience is our priority. To support your success all students have access to individual mentoring sessions, our Canvas study platform and where the course requires local workshops. Importantly many of the course options are fee free or low fee for eligible students.

Launch your career. Love what you do.

NSW students
Read more about NSW Government course fee funding.

QLD students
Read more about QLD Government course fee funding.