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Who we are

ACE is a community college redefining careers, changing outlooks and empowering positive futures.

Our mission is to help you get to where you want to go – it’s your success we care about.

We work on this every day, designing and delivering nationally recognised qualifications and skill set courses in areas of high industry demand which are pathways to employment and career advancement. Along the way ACE has developed strong industry networks and partnerships in our signature specialisations of early childhood education and care, community care, training and assessment and business administration.

We also invest in building community resilience and social capacity through a truly unique range of leisure and lifestyle workshops, from the artistic and creative to the practical and informative.

Award winning outreach programmes popping up in townships and Indigenous communities across the region are an important component of our annual program, and underscore our commitment to regional sustainability.

ACE Community Colleges, established in 1972, is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 90032) with services in an ever expanding footprint across Northern NSW and Southeast QLD. Our colleges are located in Lismore, Casino and Burleigh Waters, with a training centre at Kirra Hill.

“At our core we believe in the life changing significance of choice, that everyone can achieve, that we each learn differently; and that there are many powerful alternative pathways to career development. Your success is what we care about.”

Principal / Kerry Johnson

Our Team

Endlessly positive and intensely energetic the ACE team of professional trainers, community board, executive group and customer care crew share a belief in the power of you and your life resolutions. Can't wait to say hello.

Kerry Johnson
Chief Executive Officer - Lismore

A career in primary school teaching went on-hold to follow a big sporting dream. Kerry represented Australia at two Olympic Games in track and field and loved every second of it. Life after sport saw her reconnect with education, whilst deciding not to return to the classroom every job since has had an education component. Kerry says “education can change your world and I have lived that through each of my jobs and I’ve seen it through my years of travelling”.

Working for ACE is her best ever job – She gets to be part of life changing moments for students who perhaps haven’t had good experiences with education in their early years but overcome their fears to take on studying for a qualification. Kerry has recently developed what is best described as a healthy devotion to mosaics and photography – you’ll see her at ACE short courses.

Robyn Keenan
College Manager - Burleigh Heads

Robyn is a proud advocate of the power of quality education and the opportunities it provides.  An ideas woman who is incredibly resourceful and fun, Robyn also sees herself as a foodie extraordinaire. Not limited to managing team in Burleigh she is also talented at quoting lines from ‘The Castle’ better than most.

Allan Ellis
Director - Lismore

Being a Director on the College Board is a way I have been able to contribute to the ongoing development and sustainability of adult education provision in this region. ACE Community Colleges, like many other adult education providers, is a Not for Profit organisation and relies on the voluntary input of appropriately skilled community members for high level oversight and strategic direction. With Colleges often relying on income from fee paying vocational education and training programs to help support their general class programs the need for sound management is vital.

Julie Burton
Director - Lismore

I donate/volunteer time to ACE because it’s important to me to be able to give back to my community if I can and education is where I think I can make a contribution. It’s a trending topic across levels of government, but it is at ACE that training really comes to fruition for many people who may be returning to learning or challenging themselves with something new. We give each student the access and opportunity they need to move forward. What you do will never leave you but may lead you to something new. I use a phrase I heard many years ago… ‘What you see is what you will be’ so see yourself at ACE.

You're in good hands

Training delivered by ACE Community Colleges meets the requirements set by the Australian National Regulator; Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF); the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australian education and training.

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