Early Childhood Education 25 June 2018

Flexi School Success for ACE Students

Julene is one of our incredible early childhood education Trainers. At the beginning of the year she started working with a group of young people at the Southport Flexi School.

We caught up with Julene recently to see what’s happening – wow is the answer. These energetic young students are loving their study and will continue in the Certificate III course until April 2019.

ACE: Julene, the students are doing so well, what are you seeing in class?
Julene: The personal growth and excitement in the class has been phenomenal. Several students left the group at the start and that is part of the process of finding a career you are going to love; but the 5 remaining students are inspirational.

These girls now eagerly arrive at class and are involved in all aspects of learning.

ACE: What’s changed for the students?
Julene: The girls spent time volunteering in a Centre and they got to interact with young children. They found their passion and I got to see their eyes light up when they were with the children.

All the girls have now been signed up in a School-based Traineeship and work a minimum one day a week at a Centre while continuing the Certificate 111 in ECEC class one day a week.

ACE: What’s been your favourite experience with this group?
Julene: I have many, loads, lots – but nothing comes close to seeing the joy on the girls’ faces when they were caring for children; when I was told this was their favourite class of the week [awwww]; and watching their personal growth.

Students, the entire ACE Team could not be more proud of you and your dedication to your study – let’s keep going forward. Amazing careers are just around the corner.

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