How To Apply

Signing up for a course is a simple three step process.
Find the course you want to study, select the Apply Now tab, complete the electronic form by following the support prompts and make your payment. That’s it. A lovely confirmation of your application will be emailed to you pronto.

Our tip for fast tracking your course application is to have your Unique Student Identifier (USI) ready, or you can ask ACE for assistance. The USI process is online and easy.


Choose what you want to study. View courses here.


Complete the Application Form.  Apply through your chosen course.


Submit payment 

Payment Options

BIG NOTE: Please contact your local ACE Community College prior to applying online if:
• you are interested in negotiating a payment plan (available for courses over $500) or
• you believe you are eligible for a government training subsidy or other advertised concession or
• the course you are interested in is priced at over $1,500 (please note that we cannot accept more than $1,500 in course fees prior to enrolment). Your local college will advise on instalment arrangements and, if acceptable to you, a deposit of between $500 and $1,500 can then be paid.

In all other circumstances, payment of the full course fee is required. Thanks so much.
There are so many options, you decide what works best for you when you go through the checkout. Select from Paypal, Direct transfer, By phone or In person.

Funding & Eligibility

Eligible students enrolled in an ACE Community Colleges course may have access to a range of government fee and program support possibilities.

Go here for QLD funding and eligibility.
Go here for NSW funding and eligibility.

Or you can call our customer service team in the ACE location closest to you to talk more about your eligibility.

Delivery Options

There are many ways to complete your study, we understand that every student learns differently and will be balancing life commitments. Where-ever possible we provide a range of course delivery options. Confirmation of how your course will be delivered appears in the course description.



A classroom style approach is welcomed by students who enjoy interaction with others in a supportive learning environment and benefit from the individualised assistance provided by the trainer. Many courses can only be achieved in this format.


This means the course is self –paced, will be delivered on-line with facilitation and support at scheduled times by the trainer. Typically this is achieved through accessing our Moodle. There are a growing number of courses added to the online options list each term. A best match for students with independent learning styles.


This approach combines a range of study methods, including self-paced study with workbooks, online forum discussions, in-person workshops, email and phone contact with your trainer.


Comprises in-person workshops and online participation between workshops.

Learning Support

All students enrolled in accredited programs have access to a qualified trainer or assessor. Your trainer will ensure that you are provided with the information needed to transition successfully into your course of study. ACE trainers will also host sessions at the commencement of each unit on content, delivery and assessment expectations.

Students receive feedback after each assessment or assignment and the trainer or assessor will be available to discuss the feedback. They can also provide you with additional assistance or direction as appropriate. Additionally our trainers and assessors are available by email or phone should you need to discuss course content or challenges.

Your success means everything to you and us. At ACE we provide a suite of support services at no cost to all students including:
• RPL support
• Literacy/numeracy support
• Study skills support
• IT support.

To access any of the available student support services please talk directly with your trainer or assessor; or phone the customer service team at the ACE Community Colleges location closest to you.


We have employed in-house students enrolled with the College for the past three years. It’s an outstanding opportunity for students to work, gain experience and complete their studies. I believe this approach creates more knowledgeable and skilled early childhood educators.

Consistent contact with the students and our Centre, quality contemporary course resources, and scheduled in-person visits to support the students and ensure their success are the elements that really make ACE different as an RTO. So good is the course quality I’ve decided to upgrade my own qualifications.


My friend had done a course with ACE and she thought it would be a great place for me to begin my training. It’s really close to home, so I looked it up on the internet and then came to the College to find out some more information. The team here made all the difference.

I did this course for my young daughter – I wanted her to look at me and be proud of my achievements. Within the first 40 hours of work placement I was offered a job, wow! I didn’t think I was good enough, and was nervous when starting. But after that, I knew not only my daughter would be proud, I was proud of myself. I felt more confident and proved to myself that I could do it.

All students with English as a second language like me feel nervous about joining classes. I would encourage anyone thinking the same way to not be afraid, don’t let it hold you back. Just look at me – you can do it!


My husband had done this same course, he was very happy with the training and in that time I also got to know the trainer and she was amazing!

Doing this course opened my eyes to a whole different world which I hadn’t really thought that much about before. The trainer [Leeann] couldn’t help you enough, she has many years of experience behind her and she was very passionate about the industry.

I completed the Certificate III in Aged Care and have gone onto do Certificate III in Individual Support – Disability and I find it inspiring because of the people I have come into contact with already. Plus I have gained employment and can’t wait to further expand on my studies.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you are looking for a career or a change just go for it.


I first found ACE online while looking for an RTO to update my Certificate IV TAA to Cert IV TAE with the LLN module. At the completion of that course I saw ACE offered Cert III in Individual Support/Aged Care I didn’t hesitate to sign up.

The passion of the trainer shone bright, she showed us the right way to go about everything and how to do the very best for our clients. The amount of hands on experience and the fact I had a job before I finished was such a surprise.

I sat on the fence for too long and should of had a go quicker, if you want a change only you can make it happen, don’t wait.

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