Motivation 19 September 2019

Motivation Boosters

Wow where did that year go ACE Tribe? Well over halfway now and you might be stuck on finding that end-of-year motivation. Don’t worry, life skills trainer extraordinaire Steve Tuxford has got you covered.

Here are his best tips:

  1. Set a certain amount of study time every day and stick to it!
  2. Twenty-Five mins of focus on one subject (if you have ideas about other things write them down for later) then 5 minutes rest as a reward, consistent short breaks will help you stay focused and the 5 min reward will give you something to work towards. Ideally, these breaks will include going outside and moving around.
  3. Snacks! Brain food! (Check out our ACE Tribe Tips blog on Brain Food here).
  4. Classical music played in the background while studying has been proven to improve mental performance which is also known as the ‘Mozart Effect’ – I have personally also used Binural beats [with headphones] to make sure nothing distracts me.
  5. Most importantly, set yourself up to succeed – meaning if you are aware that you are prone to do certain unproductive activities (for myself it’s looking through my phone) proactively plan to stay away from those activities until your reward time.
  6. BONUS – Stay loose!

Over to you now ACE Tribe, let’s push through these last few months – success is just around the corner.

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