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Business courses introduce you to teamwork, communication, business systems, technology & customer servicing. The big bonus is that every organisation needs people who have these skills.

No matter whether you are planning to enter fashion, finance, health, education, retail or technology a business qualification can open out a world of possibilities for your future. If you thrive on the bustle of business, like being organised, multi-tasking and being part of a team then this is a perfect career choice and your spring-board to fresh opportunity.

Business courses skill you in essential business functional concepts and develop your practical skills. Now that’s a winning combination. There are thousands of businesses right on your doorstep – join one or start your own. Tip the scale of success in your direction.

Depending on your qualification level your job outlook includes – Receptionist, Data Entry, Information Desk, Office Assistant, Bookkeeper, Administrative Assistant, Medical Office Reception, Legal Secretary, Office Manager, Management roles in Records, Marketing, Human Resources, Business Development, Public Relations, Communications and Business Manager. Go here for your Business pathway map and begin.