Burleigh Heads 21 November 2016

This Is Where You Start, Lynne Explains It

Today we’re chatting with Lynne Maaka – she knows a thing or ten about business careers and is our super star business administration trainer at ACE in Burleigh.

ACE: So Lynne, what does it take to succeed in an administration job role?
LM: The first step I think is to get noticed.
Resumes are the key to standing out; make sure your resume has the WOW factor. Secondly, people think that experience is the key to succeed in obtaining an administration job. Most recruitment agencies that I speak with disagree. What the employer looks for is your ability to be able to adapt to the situation, education and training and your capacity to answer the questions asked in an interview.

ACE: Let’s be honest for a moment, business admin is boring and will take me no-where right?
LM: NOOOOOOO, this is where you start.
This is the beginning of where you want to get too. If you want to work in the medical field, imagine how these skills can help you either to work in a large public hospital where opportunities are endless or work for that large corporation, we need to start at the beginning and this is what a Certificate III in Business Admin gives you.

ACE: OK, what will I actually learn and do?
LM: We cover so many different aspects I’ve made a list*. Bottomline though knowledge is power! If you enrol with ACE and complete the Certificate III in Business Admin, in just a few short weeks you have these key skills:
• Writing documents, memos and letters
• Maintaining business resources
• Interpreting and applying medical terminology (if you want to work in medical, this unit is imperative and gives you the edge)
• Contribute to health and safety of others (Health and Safety in the workplace)
• Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices (all about sustainability in the workplace) this is also very important.
• Design and Produce Business Documents (MS word and what it can actually do) this is such a good unit, such great knowledge for you.
• Prepare and Process Medical Accounts (this is a huge unit if you want to work in the medical environment, all about medical billing, Medicare which is vital to know in the medical workplace. Unless you have this unit, most people will find it hard to learn in the workplace).
• Maintain Patient Records
• Create Electronic Presentations
• Organise and Schedule
• Apply the principles of confidentiality, so very important in the medical field, gives you the guidelines on what you need to know.
• Produce Spreadsheets
• Produce Desktop published documents, using publisher, so you can create brochures and newsletters.

ACE: With so many professional options why did you decide on business admin as a career path?
LM: My career started working in business admin at a large architectural company, then to working in private hospitals. This career field gave me the opportunity to be able to choose and also find work, because I had the foundation knowledge. With that knowledge I gained experience. This led me to training others in business admin – which I love, love, love because it opens doors to your future work.

Thanks so much Lynne, you are awesome [geez crew this is the class to join].

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