Success 22 November 2023

Open Doors To Possibility

Being a seasoned professional in market research management, Colby was seeking a corporate & personal development opportunity to enhance her existing skills. Little did she know the Diploma of Leadership and Management would open doors to new possibilities beyond her initial career path.

Colby enrolled in the qualification, working with ACE trainer Justine to improve her management experience. “Justine was incredibly supportive throughout the course, always available to address my queries and provide guidance. Her personalised approach to teaching made the learning experience engaging and tailored to individual needs. I would strongly encourage enrolling in the ACE course for its practical and applicable content. The course significantly improved my management skills within my job in market research.”

The big bonus is the newfound career she has found herself pursuing. “Interestingly, it also prompted me to explore new leadership opportunities. I decided to leave my job to pursue leadership in different realms, including incorporating my passion for travel! This was an unexpected benefit in realising my desire to lead in diverse ways.”

Colby is now working in her dream job and could not be happier. We’re thrilled to hear of her success in Leadership and Management, and the ways in which her pursuit of study has changed her world in more ways than one. Congratulations!

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