News 23 November 2023

2024 Course Launch

At ACE Community Colleges we are on a mission to support our students and local communities with course options that can redefine careers, change outlooks and empower positive futures. We are excited to bring you our full qualification and skill set course programme for the new year.

At ACE we focus on you, our brilliant and talented students; and have designed our course delivery models to fit your needs – take a look:

  • Flexible study options
  • Local to your community (very handy)
  • On campus classes to help you build your practical skills & confidence (with our specialist trainers)
  • Trainer support and mentoring
  • Inclusive and diverse classes
  • Industry networks linking you to a positive placement experience
  • Frequent intakes – means you commence & finish your course sooner.

Start exploring our nationally recognised training course options

  • Ageing, Disability, Leisure & Health
  • Early Childhood Education & Care
  • Business, Leadership & Management
  • Work skills.

Or download the Northern Rivers and Gold Coast course books and read through the possibilities. Our students and trainers have also shared their journeys and thoughts on these pages (how lovely).

Ready to take the next step and see about enrolling? The absolute best approach is to phone our student support teams in each of the ACE campus locations to talk on your goals, specialisations, fee support eligibility and any other questions you have.

If you are ready to get started, we would be thrilled to help and support you. #lovewhatyoudo

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