Burleigh Waters 24 July 2018

The Power of Personal Story

Nicole Feledy believes in the power of personal story, using individual strengths and experiences to shape success. As a former secondary school teacher, meditation teacher, strengths coach and self-published author [wow], we are thrilled to have her on board as one of our coveted Bounce Program trainers.

“It’s about celebrating the unique; understanding that we all approach things differently in life and in learning. And guess what? That’s totally okay”.

Nicole is sharing some insight today on why this approach resonates so strongly with her students.

“Each of us has our own story and even though our stories are part of a larger whole, they are unique. It is this honouring of uniqueness that lets us be ourselves, while also letting those we love be themselves. However, this process is not easy. That is why this field is my passion.

I’ve seen too many people fall through formalised education cracks. They lack the confidence to be themselves and the communication tools to express what they’re thinking and feeling. This leads to communication breakdowns and disconnection. I see my role in life as offering tools, strategies and support so others may find direction, speak their truth and make their choices.”

With an outlook like that, anything is possible. #changeyourworld


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