Bounce 22 October 2018

Fresh Perspective and New Future

Earlier this year we met Kyle, his journey is one of perseverance and determination despite the obstacles presented to him. Health and other challenges affected his perception of self-worth, resulting in 6 years of unemployment and pessimistic ideologies. Seeing barriers and looking downward was all he thought possible.

After talking with his Job Active provider, Kyle decided that at twenty-four he owed it to himself to give it another go – and excelled with flying colours through The Bounce Program with ACE.

Innovative lessons, discussions and activities in class assisted Kyle to shift his mind-set. He was super enthusiastic about every session and was actively engaged. He learnt coping strategies to keep his mind focused, regained self-confidence and positivity about life. His body language changed: he was now looking up, looking forward.

Kyle bravely handed out resumes [bravo!] and received several invitations for interview. The company where he handed his very first resume interviewed him on the spot and the momentum did not stop building – he was HIRED in a full-time role where his passion for animals and providing quality care shone through.

Kyle is the first to tell you that he can now see a brighter future. He has learnt to value himself and others. He is now open to opportunity, reaching further and aiming higher. Thank you Kyle for being brilliant, it has been a joy and honour to be part of your journey.


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