Leisure & Lifestyle 19 March 2021

Fresh Leisure Workshops Lismore

We’ve received so many requests to expand our lifestyle and leisure workshop programming in recent months its been amazing. ACE is thrilled to launch these sweet options with more to come mid year. We hope you love them and tell your friends.


Have you always wanted to learn how create artistic art pieces in a beautiful and unique way? Join Lucy Campeanu of Art Shed Angel in creating a mixed media painting that uses elements of collage, transparent and textured painting to create a beautiful image. This class is full of techniques; students will be drawing, painting, and printmaking with a gelli plate as well making simple stamps.  Lucille teaches you how to make your own elements to create a mixed media masterpiece.
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If you are beginner with a Digital SLR or Mirrorless camera with manual capabilities and you want to take high quality digital images for a hobby or work then this photography course is for you. We will cover the fundamentals of photography and teach beginners the skills they need to move beyond the auto setting on their cameras.

  • You will learn some basic post-production skills that you can use to enhance our photographs after image capture.
  • The intricacies of the digital world are explained in plain English, leaving you confident with your newly acquired technical and artistic skills ready to start shooting great photographs.
  • This is an interactive course, where every week photographs are taken and discussed in a supportive environment.

The trainer is brilliant photographer Raimond de Weerdt.
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Cyanotype is a photographic printing process from the 19th century. Also known as shadowgraphs or blue prints, this simple process produces prints that are cyan blue.

Without any photographic knowledge, or the need for a darkroom, it is possible to create beautiful images with the cyanotype process. Images can be printed on a range of surfaces such as fine art papers, silk and cloth. Cyanotypes can be used to create fine art prints, books, handmade cards and wall hangings. Cyanotype prints are archival and will last for many decades.

This introductory workshop will teach you the skills and techniques to create your very own Cyanotype images using this historic and fascinating process. Students will take home a collection of Cyanotypes created in the workshop.
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