Trending 16 January 2017

Trendy Today – Training & Assessment

Oh when was the last time you made a career building investment in yourself?

If you enjoy helping others, sharing your industry knowledge and teaching people fresh skills our training & assessment qualifications are a little piece of gold to power up your career. The big bonus is that you decide the best study approach for your lifestyle.

We asked our training and assessment specialist Linda Woodrow who enrols in these courses:
She says the list is big and varied – local plumbers, hairdressers, electricians, mechanics, accounting, small business, child care, aged care, nurse educators, disability services, RFS, SES, Marine Rescue, ambulance, and performing arts practitioners. Just goes to show how valuable these qualifications are no matter what your career.

Think about the career development possibilities, explore the many course options starting soon here and have a listen to what previous students think of the T&A courses.

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