Apply Now 2017 16 January 2017

Hey GC We Have A Good, Good Feeling

We have a good, good feeling about this year – we really do. Let’s not waste a second of it.

Here’s a question for you. Where does your passion lie?
If you said Individual Support, Early Childhood, Business Admin or Business Admin Medical, invest 2 mins to read these words of wisdom from our industry specialists.

ACE: A Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care sounds interesting but what will I be doing?
Deb Maunsell [ECEC specialist]: During your course you will learn the foundations of children’s development, the importance of observing children, how to guide behaviours, you will learn how to make play dough and goop. Participate in singing children’s songs and learn the art of storytelling.

ACE: Let’s be honest for a moment, business admin is boring and will take me no-where right?
Lynne Maaka [Business specialist]: NOOOOOOO, this is where you start.
This is the beginning of where you want to get too.
If you want to work in the medical field, imagine how these skills can help you either to work in a large public hospital where opportunities are endless or work for that large corporation, we need to start at the beginning and this is what a Certificate III in Business Admin gives you.

All courses are nationally recognised training and commencing very soon. Talk to the customer care crew now about options, funding & payment plans. 07 55203026.

ECEC – Cert 3 Guarantee – Burleigh – 6 Feb 2017
ECEC – Diploma HLS – Burleigh – 6 Feb 2017
Individual Support – Cert 3 Guarantee – Kirra – 30 Jan 2017
Individual Support – Cert 3 Guarantee – RunawayB – 9 Feb 2017
Business Admin – Cert 3 Guarantee – Burleigh – 8 Feb 2017

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