Professional Development 25 August 2017

Solutions for Boosting your Self Reliance

When you really think on it, work is the key to dignity, self-reliance and economic opportunity. Whether entering the job market for the first time or returning after a break, these new short courses provide a chance to connect with others, learn new skills and gain confidence in your abilities. You learn in a group environment which is interactive, fun and a hugely supportive way of getting good with fresh skills.

Professional Development – Work Skills Short Course Options 2017-2018

• Interpersonal skills
• Job search skills
• Goal setting and getting things done
• Customer service
• Effective workplace communication
• Assertiveness and self confidence
• Body language basics.

All you need to do is select the short course title from the list above that gets you excited and contact the ACE Community Colleges customer service team on 02 6622 1903. Our short courses are 100% delivered locally and 100% affordable.

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