Professional Development 30 August 2017

Challenges Solved for Local Business

The everyday of business in the northern rivers is rapidly changing creating new challenges and opportunities – you can stay ahead of the curve with a small investment now to empower your team with fresh thinking.

We are thrilled to say that these short courses are 100% delivered locally (that’s a cost saving); and 100% tailored to your specific operational requirements, that’s almost unheard of. This could be the game changer you have been searching for.

Professional Development – Business Short Course Options 2017-2018

• Supervision and performance management
• Time management
• Change management
• Coaching and mentoring workshop
• Effective workplace communication
• Disability awareness training – for staff
• Courtesy in the workplace
• Customer service.

All you need to do is select the short course title from the list above that gets you excited and contact the ACE Community Colleges customer service team on 02 6622 1903.

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