Early Childhood Education 6 June 2019

Go Better on Work Placement

Ahead of our Early Childhood intake in July, ECEC trainer Deb has got some Tribe Tips just for you. Deb says, “make the most out of work placement – remember, this could be your new employer”.

  1. Presentation – ask about the Centre’s uniform and dress code, make it your mission to arrive for each shift looking your best.
  2. Be on time, organised and take lots of notes.
  3. Show your enthusiasm and motivation.
  4. Greet children and educators by name and interact.
  5. Be involved, learn through questioning.
  6. Reflect on your work placement regularly and use it to inform your studies, ask your ACE trainer for assistance or guidance.
  7. Smile and have fun! ? Your new career adventure starts here.

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