Apply Now 2017 10 November 2016

Industry Icon Does a Little Sharing

Now here’s a rare moment. We finally caught up with Deb Maunsell – wow there’s busy and there’s Deb on a whole other level. I have to talk and walk fast just to keep up with her today.

ACE: How did you find your way into this career?
DM: I knew from an early age that my career path was in education. I left school and achieved employment in retail but knew this wasn’t for me. So I decided to return to studies and gain my diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care and then went to uni to further my education were I completed bachelor in ECEC and a graduate dip in learning support.

ACE: So Deb, what does it really take to be successful as an early childhood educator?
DM: You need to be passionate and dedicated about the importance of learning and the development of children.

ACE: What would a day as an early childhood educator typically be like?
DM: You will be busy being a facilitator for children’s learning following their interest with age appropriate stimulating activities.

ACE: A Certificate III course sounds interesting but what will I be doing?
DM: During your course you will learn the foundations of children’s development, the importance of observing children, how to guide behaviours, you will learn how to make play dough and goop. Participate in singing children’s songs and learn the art of storytelling.

What the gorgeous Deb forgot to tell was that she is an ECEC industry icon, has been a practitioner for 30 years and is enjoying the opportunity teach others at ACE. She is much loved and adored by pretty much everyone on the planet. The world needs more Debs.

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