Apply Now 2017 10 November 2016

What It Takes To Succeed

This morning we shared a coffee with Patrizia Reimer, one of our Community Care Educators in Lismore.

ACE: Tell us your story.
PR: I used to be a journalist, making good money and meeting interesting people but I was looking for a job where I could truly help people. I never considered any support carer roles but one fell into my lap and I decided to give it a go. I was surprised at how much I loved it! I was able to support people to live more satisfying lives and be the best they could be and in turn I felt important and valued. I have never looked back.

ACE: What does it take to succeed in an individual support job role?
PR: The best support workers I have seen are dedicated professionals who like to empower their clients to remain as independent as possible. They enjoy variety, performing tasks as varied as providing help with personal care to shopping to providing social support.

ACE: If I signed up for a Certificate III course what would I do?
PR: The Certificate III in Individual Support provides much of the basic knowledge needed to enter the aged care, disability or community care fields and involves classroom discussion, role plays, written activities as well as practical work experience in an aged care setting. Many students find work in the industry while they are studying and can balance the obligations of both their studies and workplace.

Love your work Patrizia, thanks so much for your insight.

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