Success 5 February 2024

Really, What’s Holding You Back?

Trent Lowe is no stranger to the hustle and bustle of an early childhood centre, having grown up around a family-run business in the ECEC space – some would say it runs in his bones. After working in the soil testing trade for a few years, he was drawn back to his roots, knowing he had to give an early childhood career path a crack.

He set his sights on a traineeship in Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, completing study and placement right at his family’s early childhood centre. And the legacy lives on, as twenty-year-old Trent is now fully qualified and ready to take on the Diploma, a Bachelor degree, and maybe the family business one day!

“This course is a necessity to work in this industry. Study-wise, my trainer Julene was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. If you ask me why someone would pursue study in this field, I say – Why not?!”

Really, what’s holding you back? Check out our Early Childhood Education and Care offering.

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