Burleigh Waters 26 September 2017

ACE Training Team Grows & Grows

Things are growing fast for ACE Burleigh Waters and today we welcome Barbara Tuxford to the Individual Support training team. Barb comes from a background of diversional therapy and aged care before taking up training full time as her career. Her enthusiasm for the job is so infectious, she just glows.

ACE: Barbara, gosh how did you find your way into this career?
BT: I was a volunteer and was asked if I wanted a job, as a carer, I had no structured training at that time but was able to talk to people. Then after a short time I trained to be a diversional therapist and it was during this training I realised training was what I wanted to do, as a career.
However, I was very shy and definitely not able to stand in front of people and talk. But I knew this was where my future was, so I took steps to develop myself and caring and diversional therapy were the first steps of my journey.

ACE: What do you think it really take to be successful in Individual Support?
BT: Passion to make a difference in vulnerable people’s lives, even though at times they can’t say thank you, you know you have made a difference.

ACE: What would a day in the workplace typically be like?
BT: Very busy, as a team, and you can only do it as a team it is hard work but enjoyable at the same time. I have friends I have worked with over the years that knew me in class doing my first certificate, and we are still friends, it is great to catch up.

ACE: The Certificate III course sounds interesting but what will students be doing?
BT: Learning how to care for people who cannot care for themselves. Supporting them in what they can’t do whilst encouraging them to maintain what they can.
This is your first step; once you have an idea of where your passion is, you will go forward down that pathway. It is exciting.

ACE: Can this lead to something else?
BT: It can definitely lead to something else, there are many different pathways, the c=Certificate III gets you a taste of different areas, and you will know what your passion is, and be on your way.

Barbara we love you already – thanks so much for your time and sharing. Students, your training experience is going to be awesome. Read more about the Certificate III in Individual Support and care career pathways.

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