Health 26 September 2017

Accidental Counsellor – How You Can Help Others

An Accidental Counsellor refers to anyone who is not necessarily employed as a counsellor, however, finds themselves in a counselling role. We’ve all most likely been in this situation either at work or in our community. You could be a frontline worker in an administrative position, a nurse, teacher, coach, support worker or complementary health practitioner.

In this workshop, you will learn a practical counselling framework for effective client support with opportunities to practice your new skills in a safe, supportive environment.

What you will learn:
• How to listen effectively and help clients clarify their problems
• How to direct questions so the client can identify possible solutions
• How to create healthy boundaries to avoid burnout
• The value of mindfulness and breathing techniques to reduce anxiety
• How to help clients challenge their negative self-talk and create a more positive outlook
• Assist clients to set goals and consider new possibilities; and
• When to refer clients on.

This workshop is delivered by specialist trainer Claire Leach. She is a highly credentialed community services practitioner who has more than twenty years’ experience in mental health, disability, child protection and out of home care. Claire’s care career spans roles in government, the private sector and not for profit organisations.

Go here for more details, dates, times and fees. All training is in Lismore.

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