Accidental Counsellor 1 November 2018

Workplace Stress Strategy

Remember the time when we could go home and forget about work until the next day? No mobile phones, access to email and expectations to ‘stay connected’. It seems like another world. This along combining work, family commitments and personal life can really take its toll. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and constantly stretched.

Many of us spend a large part of our days at work so the workplace and how we go about doing our work has a substantial impact on our wellbeing.

Workplace stress is something we all experience at some time in our lives. It could be in the form of heavy workloads, tight deadlines or just poor workplace culture, it can all contribute to us feeling under the pump at work. It is at these times that a colleague may reach out for your support. This could be because you have a good rapport with them, you’re approachable or you may be their supervisor.

People usually enter these conversations with the intention of ‘helping’, being supportive or ‘fixing’ the situation. In some cases, support is given and a solution is reached. Other times it’s not that simple. The person may be sharing some personal challenges such as relationship/family issues, financial problems, health concerns, or entrenched work issues that have no quick fix.

Many of us have felt ill equipped, or ‘out of our comfort zone’ in responding these situations which can be stressful in itself. Plus around one in six Australians experience a mental health condition, and we know that fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for staff has never been more important… pressure.

The challenge is most of us are not trained counsellors and yet counselling skills are often needed to assist those around us. We have developed a super solution and have delivered these workshops very successfully to people from all kinds of professional backgrounds through-out 2018 both in the Northern Rivers and on the Gold Coast. Read more.

“Extremely knowledgeable, engaging, brilliant communicator. The topic [was] relevant to workplace; role plays & class discussion were very helpful for reinforcing the learning outcomes. Very well paced & professionally delivered”.  Student – Accidental Counsellor Course, 2018.

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