News 14 August 2019

New National Vision for VET

A Vision for vocational education and training (VET) has been released by the  Council of Australian Governments (COAG) – the peak intergovernmental forum in Australia.

“A strong Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector is critical for our economy and ensuring Australians are equipped for the workforce now and in the future. Leaders agreed to a shared vision for VET delivering high quality education and training that meets the needs of students and employers. VET and higher education are equal and integral parts of Australia’s post-secondary education system. The Commonwealth and states and territories will work together to deliver a system which helps all Australians – for those getting first qualifications or re-training – get the skills they need for employment. Skills ministers will work together through a new COAG Skills Council, in consultation with education ministers, to advise leaders on future reform priorities by the end of 2019 and provide a reform roadmap to COAG in early 2020.”

In a statement following the release of the VET Vision statement, the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, said of Australian VET: “It needs to be agile, it needs to be modern, it needs to be up to date…. We all want students, whatever age they are – they could be 21, they could be 61 and going through a career change, or 41, or whatever age it is. And I want them to have confidence that that system is going to help them with their future intentions and their future careers.”

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