News 18 November 2022

Momentum Program

Say hello to our Momentum Program team! You may see some familiar faces here with Natalie, Cheyanne and George from the Community Programs team representing ACE alongside Real Futures, Pathfinders and the NSW Government. This awesome initiative aims to assist eligible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in North Eastern NSW to overcome common obstacles to securing employment. Get help with:

✅ FREE Birth Certificate Application (a vital document to have for voting, opening a bank account or applying for a driver’s licence).

✅ FREE Driver Training & Licence Application (learn the road rules, get learner driver hours up and practical support to pass the provisional licence test)

✅ FREE Job Placement Support (one-on-one work skills and confidence training + connection to local job opportunities).

To check the full eligibility criteria for the Momentum Program and find out more, visit:

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