Careers 14 September 2016

Let Courage Show Up

What separates people who follow the change they want versus wishing, hoping and wanting things to change is courage.

The thing that often holds us back is simple fear.
Now we can’t turn fear off. We can let courage show up.

We found six ways to start developing your courage muscles – give them a try:
1. Have a conversation that you’ve been putting off
2. Contact someone who you’d like to build a stronger relationship with and give them a reason to say yes to a coffee with you
3. Walk away from a situation that no longer serves you
4. Give someone the feedback they really need to hear in a way that serves them
5. Decide to take the lead on something that’s going to stretch you
6. Apply for the job – your chances of getting it are probably much higher than you think (content credit: Toni Courtney).

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