Leisure & Lifestyle 29 November 2019

Is Travel on your List

Language courses at ACE are a staple of the Lifestyle & Leisure Program and we can totally appreciate why. Fun, fast paced and brilliantly interactive. In 2020 we are focusing on Spanish. More than 400 million people speak the language across the world and it is the national language of 21 countries. This makes Spanish language know how a must have with travellers.

We caught up with Yenny Tinning the amazing trainer of our ever popular Spanish language classes at ACE in Lismore.

ACE: Yenny, can you share a little insight into your career journey so far and what your motivation is for teaching Spanish?

JT: I have been an English and Spanish Language teacher, a Latin Dance teacher, Director of a Folkloric Dance Troupe and organised Dance Festivals in Ecuador. I am a qualified interpreter and now a hairdresser with my own salon in Clunes.

I really love teaching English, Spanish and dancing, for me there is so much joy and pleasure to share the Spanish language and something of the Latin American culture with my students. I always try to create an enjoyable, inviting, friendly and dynamic learning environment for my students. It is rewarding for me to listen to my students’ stories after their trips to a Spanish speaking country.

ACE: At the courses in 2020 what can students expect to do and learn?

JT: The students should expect to have basic conversational skills for travel such as greeting and meeting people, ordering drinks and meals, reservations, asking for directions, catching a taxi or a train and exchanging money.

ACE: Is there a best ever training moment that you can share?

JT: Yes, I would like to share this experience with you. I was a High School English teacher in Ecuador 24 years ago.

This year I travelled to Ecuador and I met a group of my former students by coincidence at a park in San Lorenzo. They introduced themselves to me one by one, told me where they were living and where they were working. They were all professionals and one of them is now the Mayor in San Lorenzo. They were so pleased to see me, and they were very grateful to me for what I taught them and shared with them while I was their teacher. They said that my classes were always enjoyable, inviting and dynamic and I made a great difference in their life because I was a great teacher, and, also, I was one of their role models. They told me that I was very patient with them, and they liked the way I encouraged them to take challenges and solve problems.

Thanks so much for sharing Yenny.

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