Lismore 13 June 2019

Skills for a Digital Work World

What skills will be needed in a digital work environment is a very topical discussion point.

This week we had a chance to look at what is happening around the globe. We really warmed to these words from Susan Lund and Allen Blue.

“For young people today, what’s clear is that they’re going to need to continue to learn throughout their lifetime. The idea that you get an education when you’re young and then you stop and you go and work for 40 or 50 years with that educational training and that’s it—that’s over. All of us are going to have to continue to adapt, get new skills, and possibly go back for different types of training and credentials. What’s very clear is that what our kids need to do is learn how to learn and become very flexible and adaptable”.

“Look for that first job to be one where you learn not the specifics, but where you learn the generalities about actually thriving in the world of work”.

There is a new short course starting in August here at ACE Lismore where students will learn the essential digital skills employers in all modern industries are looking for.

In this entry level qualification [ICT10115 Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technology], students will explore the basics of digital literacy including computer operation, understanding internet functions, using software and digital devices. This means you will be able to enter the workforce with confidence, or decide to dive into further study with ease. The possibilities are endless once you decide to change your world. Download course information here.

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