ACE Online 17 April 2020

6 Tips for Online Study Success

Things are a little different in the training world these days. You may not be attending on-campus but great news, you’ve got the power to make the virtual classroom work amazingly for you.

We checked in with ACE trainers Mel Duck and Steve Tuxford for their top tips for Online Study.

  1. Allocate the time – make sure you’re consistent and set aside a time to log on, go through resources, complete assessment and participate virtually.
  2. Check in with your trainer – don’t miss appointment times for video and audio conferences and maximise your learning experience.
  3. Routine – don’t just roll out of bed and log on. Keep a morning/evening routine in place and follow through with it to keep your mind on track. Get dressed appropriately and have a dedicated study space.
  4. One thing at a time – don’t overwhelm yourself with all the content on the platform. Deal with small chunks at a time, identify what is required for each week and concentrate on that.
  5. Stay inspired – remember why you started; things may be a little strange right now, but you have chosen to take part in an incredible learning journey. Stay focused and keep going.
  6. Take a break – a little walk, stretch or snack won’t go astray ?

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