News 29 November 2018

5 Skills in High Demand

As the workforce continues to evolve, employers are placing a premium on people with skills that will help secure their success in the future. But, what exactly are they looking for? The team at SEEK spoke to some of Australia’s leading recruiters to get to the bottom of the five skills in high demand. Take a look.

1. Adaptability
In a fast-changing work environment, no one can afford to stand still. Technology is evolving, industries are shifting, and new market trends require a quick response. Employers value candidates who can demonstrate an ability to adapt to these changes.

How to show your adaptability:
Demonstrate your adaptability by citing examples from previous roles. This may include recent courses you have undertaken to broaden your skill set, or instances when you have adapted to new technology or new client expectations.

2. Analytical thinking
Data is widely regarded as the ‘new gold’ due to the wealth of insights it can reveal. It is helping to drive business decisions across almost every industry, and while technology can crunch the numbers, it takes humans to analyse it and extracts its value.

How to demonstrate analytical thinking:
Dickson says potential employers expect evidence of your analytical skills. Bring it to life with real examples that show the impact you have made with these skills.

3. A proactive approach
In an era of automation, inherently ‘human’ skills are in hot demand. While robots need to be programmed, humans can take their own initiative, and proactivity is now a highly sought-after skill.

How to demonstrate a proactive approach:
Create a narrative in your resume that explains how goals have been achieved.

4. Empathy
Thanks to digital technologies, consumers of today are empowered by unprecedented access to information and are seeking swift, seamless, personalised service. As a result, more organisations are adopting a human-centred design methodology to ensure the customer is at the centre of business processes, products and services.

5. Resilience
The pace of workplace change can present challenges and employers value candidates who demonstrate resilience.

How to demonstrate resilience:
Describe how you have effectively managed significant change in the workplace – what was the outcome and how was it achieved?

Source: SEEK Australia November 2018

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