Murwillumbah 11 August 2022

White Card Courses

If you’ve been searching for a local White Card course, look no further. Dates have opened up at our Murwillumbah campus, beginning September 2022.

A White Card (general construction induction card) is the very first step toward a career in the construction industry. This course is a requirement for anyone who works, or wants to work, as a site manager/supervisor, surveyor, labourer or tradesperson.

You will complete a nationally recognised unit of competency that covers mandatory work health and safety, legislation, and correct PPE used in the sector. Learn to demonstrate personal awareness, risk control, work safely to prevent injury or harm, identify hazards, and respond to emergencies in the workplace.

This training may also be useful for other workers whose roles require them to routinely enter operational construction zones.

UNIT: CPCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry

Applications are now open. Pop over and apply nice and easy online TAP HERE.

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