Burleigh Heads 19 October 2016

Uber Cool Start-up in Burleigh

Stones Throw Café is our new neighbour here in Burleigh – we thought you’d love to hear their story.

ACE: So what got you started?
STC: Starting a small business takes self-belief and passion. You have to love your business as you will be living and breathing it when you’re awake, asleep and in between. And oh how we love food, coffee and being part of the maturation of food on the Gold Coast.
Ours is a family business; run by my brother Cameron, his partner Aimie, my husband Dec and I. Although our journey’s to reaching this point have been different, our motivation is strongly aligned.
Cameron & Aimie have been travelling the world while Derek & I were starting a family and living in East Arnhem Land. When it came time for us all to find our next address we were drawn back to Burleigh where our family home had been in the 90’s. We love the natural beauty of this part of the world; the mountains, the ocean and the abundance of simple fun.

ACE: Why the café?
STC: We set out to make the café we wanted to exist.
One with breakfast dishes like Coconut Sugar Cured Prawn Omelette, lunch dishes like Star Anise Braised Beef Short Rib Baguette, fresh salads, cold pressed juices, wondrous coffee and where everything on the menu is available to take away so that you can grab it & run.

ACE: How’s it all going?
STC: Since opening we have attracted a diverse and awesome clientele. Maybe because our menu is edgy, health conscious and different to the norm we have attracted locals that are too! We have an amazingly loyal and supportive following that love trying new dishes.

ACE: What does the future hold?
STC: We have terrific staff, our baristas Caesar & Thaysa deliver beautiful coffee & spread joy with their humour & positivity. Our team & our product combine to make Stones Throw happen & who knows? One day if things go well here maybe there will be more Stones Throw Café’s ….why not one in every cool place in Australia?

Stones Throw Café (1823 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads QLD) xx

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