News 14 September 2022

Trainer Of The Year – Highly Commended

We’re bringing you an update from the Community Colleges Australia – Trainer Of The Year Awards in Sydney!

The wonderful ACE Management team + Board Chairperson Allan have all been at the Community Colleges Australia conference this week, celebrating Australian community education successes, achievements and discovering new possibilities. Plus, cheering our finalist Melanie Duck on at the inaugural Trainer of The Year awards.

Although Mel did not walk away with the top award, she was acknowledged with a Highly Commended for her incredible work with ACE Community Colleges – and we could not be prouder! Congratulations Mel and all the winners last night ??

Aside from the inaugural Awards ceremony, the team have been busy attending & facilitating expert presentations, panel discussions & learnings at the conference. We’re sharing some happy snaps of their experience so far.

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