Leisure & Lifestyle 7 June 2018

Fresh Finds for the Cooler Months

Let’s embrace the season and tick at least one personal goal off the list. There are amazing new Lifestyle + Leisure mini workshops just launched for the cooler months in Lismore. We really encourage you to join in, these little workshops are for everyone across our community and beyond. Tell your friends about them. Just check the link on the workshop that spikes your interest and read more.

This is by far the most popular lifestyle course this year (and last). We believe there are two reasons for that. (1) it is 100% practical and interactive; (2) it is hugely great fun to learn alongside others with exactly the same interests as you.
Native Bee Keeping

Every home should have precious, character filled little pieces made by you. And we can help you get started.
Drawing Basics
Oil Painting

The return of writing to ACE, how lovely. Explore, discover and create.
Creative Writing
Scrapbooking for Writing

Get more out of life – don’t stop at what you know, leap into something different.
You will be surprised how much fun it is.

Health & Happiness
Now there’s a concept worth thinking about. Just say yes.

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