Community Services 24 August 2017

Community Services Short Courses Launching Now

Community services is a sector which is constantly evolving in response to Community need and Government policy direction. This means that the skills of people working in the community services space require frequent refreshing (we know you know that).

Investing in your professional development or that of your work teams delivers both short and long-term benefits. Let’s unpack that – in the short-term skill gaps are quickly addressed and workplace knowledge is kept current. In the long term, employees feel more valued and more likely to remain in the organisation for longer periods.

These brand new short course packages can be tailored to suit the strengths, challenges and needs of everyone. All training sessions are interactive, based on adult learning principles and are facilitated by skilled and experienced trainers.

Professional Development – Community Services Short Course Options 2017-2018

• Professional boundaries
• Documentation and report writing
• Effective workplace communication
• Promoting independence
• Working from a families perspective
• Emotional intelligence
• Supervising others
• Volunteering: Understanding the expectations of working with People
• Positive behaviour support
• Disability awareness training – for staff.

All you need to do is select the short course title from the list above that gets you excited and contact the ACE Community Colleges customer service team on 02 6622 1903. Our short courses are 100% delivered locally and 100% affordable.

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