Funded training 21 June 2016

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I’m not sure where time goes, but this year seems to be moving at an unprecedented speed. As we welcome the change in season, we also launch our new term 3 and 4 course range. There are more options in nationally recognised training qualifications than ever before; and we are building our delivery in all College locations.

The team have also been busy innovating and completed a soft launch of our ‘Life Skills College’ during summer. Now we are in full bloom. This initiative is an entirely new concept owned by ACE and developed for our community. The program of options has been designed for everyone wanting to gain entry level certificates which are empowering personally and can open doors to new career and employment possibilities. We think you will love it!

Meantime we’ve all been involved in creating a training experience across the College you just can’t get anywhere else; and that means everything to us and students seeking quality training.
So here’s our challenge, what would it take to make amazing happen for you. We think it’s your time and there’s an ACE solution to help you get there. We look forward to seeing you on campus very soon.

Kerry Johnson – Principal, ACE Community Colleges

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