Inspiration 21 March 2023

Melinda & Annette Celebrate 11 Years

We’re thrilled to share a huge milestone for two members of our ACE crew! Melinda our RTO Contract Manager and Annette our RTO Contract Administrator are celebrating over a decade working with us, wow. They’re giving us a peek into their journey and all the wonderful memories from the last 11 years.

Being in the RTO Contract space (Melinda as manager and Annette as administrator), we look after all of our funding in NSW and QLD, provide administration support to staff, and make sure that we do the right thing by both our students and the governments who provide our funding. We have both had experience in several other departments prior to this and have thoroughly enjoyed growing into our new roles.

We have seen so many changes it makes it hard to name just a few! We have grown in recent years welcoming a campus in the beautiful town of Murwillumbah, which also happens to be where Melinda lives. We have loved working with the wonderful team and learning together. Our expansion into online learning during those Covid years has also helped us give our students more flexible learning options, helped them feel less isolated and enabled our courses to keep running while things were so uncertain. 

The highlight of the last 11 years has been the people, that we work with and encounter every day. We have lots of fun while we work hard and have both learnt so much in our time here. We have always been encouraged to develop our skills and take on new challenges. We have been lucky to work with such strong and knowledgeable leadership at ACE which has always helped us get to where we are now.

What’s not to love?! We have so many talented and inspiring people we work with every day and we also get to see all the wonderful things that our students achieve in their time with ACE.

Looking to the future, we have some new opportunities for our students that we are working on in the background with our National RTO Manager Robyn. You will see some new things happening very soon!

Amazing, thank you for the insight and BIG congratulations Melinda & Annette!

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