Success 15 May 2023

Dream, Believe, Achieve

At ACE, we are always in awe of all our amazing students and their incredible stories. Meet Laila, one of our recent graduates from the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care from Thriving Multicultural Communities. After moving to Australia from the Philippines, she has changed her world in so many ways.

“I was born in the Philippines and lived in general Santos city on the Island of Mindanao. I have 4 brothers, 3 sisters and we lived a happy simple life. My parents both worked for a pineapple company and had a farm growing vegetables, corn, coconut, banana’s which we sold to the market.

I met my husband to be in 2018 and moved to Australia in search a better life. Since I came to Australia I worked part time house keeping and I went to TAFE and as wanted to improve my English. After two months, The Migrant Centre offered me a course to attend in childcare. I liked to work with children and it was my dream to have a future in the childcare Industry. ACE Community Colleges and my trainer Stevie were always there to help me and offered assistance and full support.

After doing my placement, they offered me a full time job at Southport Childcare, and I continue working and gaining more experience. To students who want to study in the early childhood Industry, don’t give up to achieve your goal!”

If you’re sitting on the fence, thinking about that next step or big leap, remember that #YesYouCan.

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