Business 12 December 2019

Caroline Butterworth, our new Business Trainer

Gosh the ACE training family is growing fast!

Today we welcome Caroline Butterworth, our new Business trainer. We managed to get 3 quiet minutes to take a little behind the scenes look at her career. Thanks Caroline for sharing and being such a good sport on your first week.

ACE: What’s your career journey looked like Caroline?
CB: I have been lucky to work in many different areas of industries including retail, marketing, hospitality, and education in small business and corporate positions. My big break was when I completed at SCU my Bachelor of Business Degree when I was 43 (I left school at 16) this opened new doors for me and led me to study and get TAE Certificate IV which allowed me to teach in the VET sector.

I was fortunate to become a Business Teacher at North Coast TAFE. I then moved into the private sector where I have been teaching and training in the classroom, online and at the workplace. I also last year took an admin role as the Academic Coordinator. I am looking forward to joining ACE Community College to continue my teaching career.

ACE: What motivates you to teach?
CB: My main motivation is my passion for learning and sharing this with others. Education is not just about increasing your knowledge, but how learning encourages you to evaluate, and improve all areas of your life. I went to Uni as a mature student with little formal education. The achievement of getting my degree as well as the discipline of maintaining a work, study, and home balance gave me the confidence to become a teacher.

ACE: What’s the best part of your job?
CB: Watching my students become more confident in themselves as the course progresses.

ACE: You’re delivering our brand new Certificate III in Business course. Can you tell us what students will be learning and where this qualification can take them?
CB: This Certificate course helps students to be more confident in many areas of their work. It not only focuses on tasks but how to work with people and deal with change. Mainly focusing on admin positions but can be used as a jumping board to other roles including retail and hospitality. It is a useful tool to have at work and a help when seeking employment.

ACE: Is there ever a dull moment in business, and can this qualification by a pathway?
CB: The workplace now is an ever changing environment. Hopefully this entry level qualification will inspire students to continue with education, going hand in hand with the roles they take on in the future. My mantra is be positive.

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