News 29 April 2021

Training Incentive Provides up to $2,200 Support

The Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers Program (Skills Checkpoint) and the Skills and Training Incentive (the Incentive) is an initiative of the Australian Government. It is an opportunity for employers to assist their workers to update their skills so both businesses and employees will be better prepared to adapt to change and future opportunity. It also prepares employees to build their skills and plan the next stage of their job or career.

The Incentive provides up to $2,200 (GST inclusive) to fund training opportunities linked to an individual’s current job (upgrading skills), a future job opportunity, or an industry, occupation or skill in demand. Training can be either accredited or non accredited as long as it has been identified in an individual’s Skills Checkpoint assessment. Either the individual or the employer must match the government contribution.

To be eligible you are:

  • An Australian Citizen or permanent resident;
  • Aged 45 to 70;
  • Currently employed, working full time, part time, or casual (15 hours per week or more);
  • Not a Centrelink/Job Active client; AND
  • Not been unemployed for more than 9 months.

Download more information on this program:

Skills Checkpoint – Employer Fact Sheets

VERTO Skills Checkpoint – Participant Fact Sheets

Nationally Recognised Training courses available:

All students seeking to enrol under this program are encouraged to contact ACE Community Colleges Lismore
on 6622 1903 to discuss your eligibility, course options and preferences, plus we can assist connect you with Verto.

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