News 26 April 2021

Britta’s Rural-QLD ECEC Adventure Begins

You never know what adventure an Early Childhood Education & Care certificate will lead you on… Britta’s off to be a governess in rural Queensland, educating three children on a goat and sheep station. We sat down with her for a chat on this unique opportunity.

ACE: Britta, this is a very exciting position. How did this job come about for you?

Britta: I have been in childcare for 5 years, working in all the rooms and gained a range of skills from my experiences. I have always been interested in the idea of going rural to educate.

I looked into lots of different things from childcare centres in Alice Springs, to nannying in Cape York, then I came across the title ‘Governess’. After exploring what this actually involves I discovered that I can see myself doing it as I am passionate about providing quality education to all children no matter what circumstance they are in (like living rural and remotely) and ensuring they are set up for a successful future.

Before you apply for the job you have to really think about moving away from your family (and everyone else) and understand you are going to an isolated place so you have to be able to be independent. The children’s education is your responsibility and you have to want to be the positive impact on their schooling life.

ACE: What a fantastic opportunity – and super cool.

Britta: Yes it is. It is a goat and sheep station one (1) hour south west of a tiny town called Mungallala. The family has three children 6, 7 and 3. My main role with the two older children is running a ‘before and after school care’ program which focuses on physical development and creative development (science, art). With the 3 year old I run a full long day care program that is in correspondence with the EYLF and meets all guidelines and regulations.

Communication is very important as it is essentially ‘family day-care’ but in their home so it is very important you are communicating professionally with the family and government bodies on all needs and wants of the child.

ACE: What was the absolute best part of your time studying at ACE?

Britta: I have enjoyed doing my Diploma with ACE trainer Deb, she was very supportive and always available for even a phone call to help with one question. Deb put in so much time with me 1-on-1 face to face and online to help when needed to extend my thinking process and pattern to help me get out of the box and become the best educator I could be. I found everything very easy and ACE as a whole was supportive and reliable.

Through doing my Diploma it allowed me to understand all sides of childcare and education, from reasoning behind the daily routine and environments to all the policies, regulations, ratios, procedures and workplace health and safety. This definitely made me confident in my abilities to apply and get these rural jobs where you only have your own knowledge and training to rely on.

Britta, we wish you every success. Your determination and motivation to be a positive lighthouse for the children you educate is something to be very proud of.


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