Early Childhood Education 25 October 2021

Sweet Symphony Of Success

A big dream, strong ambition, and a whole lot of perseverance. Now that’s music to our ears, and something Harrison knows all about after completing the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care.

“I have a lot of ambitions in childcare, and this was the first step that I had to take in reaching those goals. A Certificate III is something that any employer in the early childhood sector will notice. Studying has gained me several interviews and pathways into the profession. I’m currently employed at a local childcare centre which is great.

Compared to other places that offered online-learning delivery packages alongside face-to-face classes to attend, ACE blew them out of the water. Canvas was extremely easy to use. I cannot emphasise in words how supportive Julene has been, and I am eternally grateful for her carrying me through to completion.

I’ve now enrolled in the Diploma of Early Childhood and plan to go to university after that. Combining this training with my second passion – music – is the next step for me. My long-term goals are to study and work in Music Therapy for children, to help them better understand their emotions and navigate obstacles faced in early life.”

Wow Harrison, your career journey is something we will definitely be tuning into. Congratulations on every success so far!

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