Leisure & Lifestyle 8 September 2016

Savvy Seniors

“What a wonderful surprise conclusion to our Tech Savvy Seniors course today. All of the course participants were graduates and all shared a slice of the graduation cake.

ACE Community College – you have been a wonderful host and training facilitator. Your staff are well chosen for their competence and pleasant disposition. Leeann, Korey, Wayne and others lent their hands on many occasions over the course term. The ratio of Ace staff to class participants was high and it was apparent from the outset that Ace intended to strongly support all of the Tech Savvy Seniors class members, not an easy feat to accomplish in a group training course. The friendly, approachable and efficient assistance the class members received from your Ace staff is worthy of compliment, as was the contributions from Paul our personable and entertaining Head Tutor + Graham our roaming trouble shooter.

Thanks is also due to Telstra’s Tweed branches who generously sponsored the 5-session course and donated the grand prize for the trivia quiz.

What an enjoyable and worthwhile training course. Congratulations ACE Community College”.
Stephen & Anne

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