Business 15 July 2019

Interview Success Takes Preparation

If you’ve recently graduated or are exploring a career change, we know you’re thinking “where to next?”.

ACE’s Business trainer Maria Vedis has brilliant ideas on the subject and recently shared some insider Tribe Tips on job application and interviews, so you can maximise your opportunity and impress.

  • Resume readiness: Tailor your resume to the industry you are applying for. Be conservative in terms of style. Highlight your accomplishments, ensure error free writing and grammatically correct.
  • Research the employer and job opportunity: Understand the employer and requirements of the job by researching the company. This will assist you in answering questions during the interview as well as allowing you to ask relevant questions of the employer.
  • Prepare your responses: You can do this by reviewing common interview questions. Try to predetermine what you will be asked and practice your responses that focus on your specific accomplishments.
  • Plan your outfit: You should plan out your wardrobe so that it fits with the type of organisation you are going to be interviewed by. Aim to dress as professional as possible.
  • Be authentic: The key to success in an interview is the way you deliver your responses. You should always respond truthfully and be authentic to yourself. The key here is to see if you are a good fit with the organisation. Keep your responses short and concise.

Cheers Maria, love your work – if you see yourself going in the direction of a career in business administration the last of our 2019 intakes are coming up soon at the ACE Southport Campus.

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