Inspiration 18 April 2017

A Place You Will Want To Be

Throughout high school I always knew that my career path would be in early childhood education, I really love working with children, every-day is so different, things are never, ever the same says Kristy Newman-Brown.

My getting started story is simple; I was browsing subjects relating to Early Childhood and clicked on the ACE website. From there I was offered a Scholarship and here I am today with my Certificate III completed.
I learnt a lot from the other students in the course who were from a wide range of cultures and ages which made it interesting. We all helped one another and worked really well as a group, I found this to be very supportive.
To anyone out there I would say go to ACE and get out of your comfort zone.
This is a place you will want to be.

I’m looking forward to a big and bright future. The next step is a Diploma in Early Childhood and then on to University.

ACE: Kristy we could not be more delighted for you! Keep going with your learning journey.

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