Welcome 24 January 2019

Meet New Operations Manager ‘Erin’

Today we had a tiny moment to chat with ACE’s new Operations Manager Erin Hutchinson. We could say Erin is beyond excited to be here but that would be a big understatement – here’s what she has to say. ?

ACE: What’s your career journey looked like Erin?

EH: I am a local girl who grew up in the Northern Rivers. After finishing year 12 in Casino, I started full time employment as a trainee auditor with a local Lismore firm in 2008, studying a Bachelor of Business locally at the same time through Southern Cross University majoring in both accounting and human resource management. After finding a real passion for numbers and people, and wanting to spread my wings, I successfully gained employment as a payroll officer in a major construction company in Western Sydney. This is where I could put my knowledge of audit into real life business practice. Through this role I was able to grow my “hands on” accounting and human resources skills under the guidance of the Financial Controller who had a huge impact on my career development.

After five years, as much as I loved my job, I felt the need to return home to the country life and landed a role at Crowe Horwath where I was first introduced to ACE back in October 2011. Since then, one day a week I worked as the financial consultant for ACE while filling the Senior Auditor position for the Northern Rivers. In this role, I developed a real passion for the not for profit sector which has enabled me to put my love for numbers into helping organisations that serve the community. As a result, I now have an amazing role with ACE and serve on the board as a director at Cherry Street Sports Club who also share the not for profit space.

ACE: Super congratulations on your appointment Erin, what’s drawn you to ACE Community Colleges?

EH: ACE Community Colleges first and foremost is a not for profit, empowering people of all ages to reach their full potential through education. I cannot think of more rewarding career move than to use my financial background to support an organisation reach their strategic plans to extend their reach within the community.

I also love the culture where ACE empower women in business to meet their full potential. I feel incredibly lucky to be a young woman (turning 30 this year still counts as young right?) who has been given the amazing role within the organisation that I have.

ACE: Erin what is your role really all about and what can we expect in 2019?

EH: The role of Operations Manager is there to support the organisation as a whole, from financial and human resources manager, to providing assistance directly to the principal in the daily operations of the organisation.

2019 is looking to be another year of growth for the organisation, and I am looking forward to assisting ACE to reach our full potential through my financial guidance and support. The more our operations can grow, the more students we can provide classes to, which in turn enables us to empower more and more people to meet their full potential.

WOW Erin, we love you already. Here’s to a brilliant career with ACE!

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