Community Care 1 October 2021

Let’s Celebrate Our Seniors

October kicks off Queensland Seniors Month, a time to acknowledge the important and essential roles older people play in our communities.

At ACE, our Community Care trainers are big believers in the ongoing empowerment and advocacy of our seniors. And super good news. They’ve sat down with us to share what it means to them to be in this sector – and passing the passion on to future students.

“To assist our seniors in becoming more socially connected technologically, is one of my greatest honours as an educator. I’m privileged to be able to facilitate connection in a new way for everyone. I have loved sharing the ways they can stay in communication with loved ones in a digital world and bringing them a sense of accomplishment. From social media, to emails, to video calls, they learn it all. The gratitude and smiles on their faces speaks volumes.”

Maria Vedis [Tech Savvy for Seniors program]

“Older people are an integral part of our society. They have lived full lives and paved the way for us. It’s now up to us to be there for them, help them feel confident and empowered in their later years. I have loved studying this field myself, and even more so happy to be a trainer in community care to ensure this significance gets passed down to my students. I am fortunate to be part of teaching others to become qualified, suitable carers helping to make a difference in the world.”

Ash Ehsani [Community Services, Individual Support trainer]

“The most important thing is to respect and acknowledge the contribution older people make. They are awesome! They have gained a lot of knowledge and experience over the years that we can all learn from. Their voices deserve to be heard, and they are worthy – we should value individuals no matter what age or circumstance. I love being a teacher in community care. I can help my students fine-tune their skills in this sector, while supporting their passion for care every day. Working in aged care is so rewarding, just knowing you are giving back to the community. We need more of that.”

Melanie Duck [Individual Support, Ageing, Disability Care, Leisure & Health trainer]

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