Motivation 2 September 2016

Learn Outside the Square

Adult Learners Week starts now with the theme ‘learn outside the square’ highlighting that there are many different ways of learning, and for many adults, this is outside what are regarded as traditional educational institutions.

The 2016 event has been designed to show the depth and breadth of learning options available in Australia today, and the importance of lifelong learning for leisure, recreation and personal enrichment to ongoing mental health and wellbeing.

It is estimated that just under half of Australia’s working age population are engaged in ongoing learning and education at universities, TAFE, Adult and Community Education organisations, Registered Training Organisations, Neighbourhood Houses, Mens’ Sheds and Centres and Universities of the Third Age. And there is a resurgence of Australians undertaking personal interest learning, estimated to be about 1.4 million annually.

Adult Learners’ Week in Australia is part of an international festival of adult learning that takes place in over 55 countries.

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