Community Services 9 March 2020

Jack Takes Big Leap & Wins

A career change and new pathway can seem daunting to follow but the great news is, it’s in closer reach than you think. With an open mind, focus and determination you can open up your world to possibility.

Jack Lee took a giant, brave leap into the community services sector after 17 years of factory work. He was looking for a more fulfilling role that suited his caring personality – and what better place to find it than through a Certificate III in Individual Support.

Jack needed to balance full-time work with study commitments and it was not without its challenges. Enrolling in the course through Carers Link and with the guidance of trainer Amanda Corrin, he managed to graduate with flying colours. “It was definitely worth seeing through. The support of Amanda was a great help with her belief in us all and her positive attitude. I’ve always wanted to do something where I could help people, something more challenging and rewarding.

I have now managed to gain work in the industry and with support-work high in demand, it means I will never be short of opportunities. I’ve noticed I am now generally happier at work and at home and I’ve learnt to be a more patient father and communicator. My family and I can choose where we want to live and I am very much excited for what the future holds”.

Don’t let fear hold you back, it’s not too late to make a change.

Enrolments are open for our Certificate III in Individual Support. Find out more here.

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